While there are many positive reasons to be a landlord, there is no doubt that there are a lot of negative elements that you have to be aware of. Many first-time landlords are surprised at the level of administrative work that they have to carry out in their role. This is clearly important because there needs to be a level of paperwork and legislation protecting all parties, but it can make it difficult for landlords to keep up to date. However, if you need any assistance, you’ll find that calling on the services of Inventory Clerks 4 U is the ideal starting point when it comes to caring for your home.

We provide you with vital information

One of the key reasons for compiling and maintaining an inventory list is that it provides yourself and your tenant with vital information. A lot of the issues that arise between a landlord and their tenants is down to a lack of communication. By creating a full and concise inventory list, you reduce the likelihood of arguments or disagreements at the end of a tenancy. This is why taking the time and effort to have a property inventory list compiled as early as possible is very sensible.

We improve your relationship with your client

We are able to provide a wide range of inventory lists for you, which can help to make the relationship between yourself and your tenant a much simpler one. We offer initial inventory lists, check-in inventory lists, mid-term inventory lists and check-out inventory lists. This range of lists ensures that the entire tenancy period is covered, helping you to stay on top of items and minimising the likelihood of any disagreement. When it comes to finding the most effective provider of property inventory Battersea has to offer, we like to think that we have everything you could want or need.

We can help at short notice

We know that there is sometimes a need to call on our services at short notice, and if this is the case, we are more than happy to help. As a local inventory firm, we can be with you shortly and we can also provide you with your report in 48 hours. We can email a PDF copy of the inventory report to you, to an estate agent or to the tenant, ensuring that everyone receives the same list at the same time.

Choose Property Clerks 4 U because:

  • We have over 10 years’ worth of experience in the inventory industry
  • We care about the local community
  • We can be with you at short notice if required
  • We can provide you with reports within 48 hours
  • We offer a backup service of our reports

When it comes to caring for your property and keeping on top of all of your administrative matters, be sure to call on Inventory Clerks 4 U.