On the day your tenant moves into your property, you need to make sure that they agree with the contents of the Inventory report. Conducting a professional Check In report protects you both from any disputes that may arise at the end of the tenancy.

Why do I need a Check In report?

It guarantees that upon completion you and the tenant are in agreement of any damage done during
their tenancy period. The tenant is obliged to leave the property in the same condition as is stated
within the Check In report and under the terms within their tenancy agreement.

It is advised that new tenants are present for the Check In to make sure they understand and agree with any comments or findings that our clerk includes in the report. If the tenant cannot be present, it is essential that they review and sign the report as proof of their agreement to the reports contents.

When the tenants vacate the property, it is then necessary that you carry out a Check Out report that will document any changes from the Check In report. This is then agreed by all parties before their deposit is returned. So, it is crucial that a detailed and professional Check In report is conducted to avoid any disputes.

What can I expect from a Check In report?

InventoryClerks 4 U will provide you with a well documented Check In report which includes
photographic evidence of any differences between the current Inventory report and the condition of
the property on the date of residence.

Once the Check In report is completed and gone through our rigorous quality control system, we will email you a pdf report within 48 hours.

Below is a list of what you can expect:

  • digital photos of any discrepancies to the Inventory report
  • report on any changes to the general condition of the property and its contents
  • report on any changes to the general condition of any gardens, patios, terraces or balconies
  • a summary of cleanliness including windows
  • power testing on switches, fuses and appliances
  • locks are checked to make sure they are in working order
  • list of manuals contained within the property
  • gas and electric meter readings
  • catalogue of any keys given to the tenant
  • the Inventory report will be agreed with the tenant and any relevant issues discussed and noted
  • handover of keys on your behalf or as instructed
  • test all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
Do you need the latest Inventory report?

Yes. When a Check In report is carried out, our clerks will need a previously conducted Inventory
report to compare any changes or additions to the property. This must be supplied to InventoryClerks
4 U before the day of the booking.

InventoryClerks 4 U will compare and only report on changes to the descriptions within the current Inventory report, so we recommended that this is updated regularly. If you do not have an Inventory report, we can conduct this for you before or at the same time as the Check In.

Do you need a Check In report?

Contact us to organise an essential Check In report for your next tenancy.