A precise account of all your rental property’s contents with a factual description of the condition and cleanliness at the time of inspection. Having an independent Inventory with photographic evidence will safe guard your investment for the future.

What is in a property Inventory report?

An Inventory report details the state of the property and it’s contents at the time of the inspection. It gives clarity to the evaluation and ensures that there are no disputes regarding the contents of the
property or their state upon check out.

InventoryClerks 4 U will provide you with a well documented report that will include:

  • at least three digital photos of each room
  • details of all fixtures and fittings within the property
  • report on the general condition of the fixtures and fittings
  • digital photos of any damages to all fixtures and fittings
  • listing of all white goods together with make and serial numbers
  • power testing on switches and appliances
  • FFR labels checked
  • locks are checked to make sure they are in working order
  • list of manuals contained within the property
  • test all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
My property is unfurnished. Do I still need an Inventory report?

Yes, inventories are not just about listing contents. They itemise the condition of doors, walls, windows, floors, sanitary ware and gardens. Everything from skirting boards to ceiling. A Schedule of Condition is included within the Inventory report that verifies the general state of the property and the level of cleanliness at the start of the tenancy.

It is also a good idea to get a Mid-term Inspection report every 3 months so you know how your property is being maintained and if the tenants are adhering to the conditions within their lease.

What is the difference between a Check In report and an Inventory report?

We get many clients asking us what the difference is between a Check In and an residential Inventory report. An Inventory is the detailed description of the state and contents of each room in the property. The Check In report is conducted on the date the tenant moves into the property and is based on the Inventory report. The Check In report also gives details of the meter readings and lists the keys that have been handed over.

Can you conduct an Inventory and a Check In at the same time?

Absolutely! We can conduct these for you at the same time we Check In your tenant. Not only does everything take place at once, it also saves you money.

How do I book an Inventory report with you?

Simply, give us a call on 020 8696 1472, email info@inventoryclerks4u.com or complete our Contact Us form and we will get straight back to organise a date and time that suits you.

Is the condition of your property important?

Get in touch to discuss our residential Inventory reports.