Mid-term Inspection reports are conducted every 3 months to check that the property is being well looked after and identifies any repair or maintenance work that needs attention. You can save time and money correcting these issues before the end of the tenancy.

Why do I need a Mid-term Inspection?

Once your tenants have been renting for three months, we advise that you find out how your property is being treated and if there are any maintenance issues that need addressing by conducting a Mid-term Inspection report.

Here is what you can find out when you conduct a Mid-term Inspection:

  • any required maintenance issues
  • details of any damage to fixtures and fittings
  • unauthorised pets
  • signs of sub-letting
  • smoking in a non-smoking property
  • level of care

In addition, you will know exactly what improvements are required before the tenancy ends, so you can organise for repairs during their stay. This means that your property is ready for your next tenants and will not be left empty ensuring you no loss of income.

I want a Mid-term Inspection report. What happens next?

Simply give us a call on 020 8696 1472 or email info@inventoryclerks4u.com with the tenants contact details and property address.

We will liaise directly with your tenant to arrange a suitable date and time to visit your property. Once the report has been conducted, we will send this to you in pdf format within 48 hours.

If you are looking for someone to manage and organise the repairs, have a look at our bespoke Property Management services to see how we can save you time and money by taking this off your hands.

Want to know how your property is being treated?

Contact us to discuss a Mid-term Inspection report.