Inventory Clerks 4U is an established company providing professional property inventory services for clients in London and across the UK. With over ten years of experience, we understand the importance of reliability, meticulous attention to detail and accuracy and this is evident in everything we do. From check ins and check outs to full property inventories, we’re committed to delivering reports that are not only comprehensive and concise but also represent great value for money.

Our inventory clerks have extensive industry experience and undertake a range of high quality services, often at very short notice.

To find out how we can help streamline your property inventory reports and save you time and money don’t hesitate to get in touch


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Precise accounts of your property’s contents with full descriptions and photographic evidence showing condition and cleanliness.


Property Management Widget

A comprehensive, accurate inventory of all your property’s contents which is professionally compiled on the day your new tenants move in.


Property Check outs

A fully itemised and concise inventory to establish the precise contents of your property prior to the termination of a tenancy agreement.


Mid Term Inspections Widget

Quarterly inspection reports to check that the property is being well looked after and identifies any repair or maintenance work that needs attention.


Invetory clerks - property maintenance

A range of services dedicated to help you maintain the good upkeep of your property such as scheduled and ad-hoc maintenance and repairs.

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Make A Booking

Arranging your property inventory report has never been easier thanks to our online booking option. Simple to use and mobile friendly, it means you can make a booking

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Sample Reports

We’re extremely confident in the quality of the reports we provide. So much so that we invite you to view examples of our work before you commit to using our services...

Our property inventory services are used by a wide range of clients including:


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Peace of mind that the contents of your property are accurately documented.


Letting agents

Professional inventory services tailored around your specific needs.


Talking through the design process

Inventories for hotels, offices and business/personnel relocations.


Professional inventories for tenants moving into a new property

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Inventoriy services for professional relocation agents


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